First blog post

Welcome to my new blog.  My plan for this site is to post any new writings I have done or maybe just ideas that I am throwing around in my head.  As a writer, my mind is constantly thinking of new things to write about.  I just spent the last four and a half years earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Creative Writing.  My goal was to graduate with honors, which I will be doing on May 13, 2017, in Manchester, NH.   My next goal will be to finish up a serial killer novel I have been writing with my author friend Christine Hartwell.  We started writing this novel just before I started college.  Due to all my school work, it was hard for us to finish the story but now I have the time so I’m hoping we can finish up the story before the end of 2017.  I’d like to have it in the hands of an editor by September 2017.  I’ll keep you updated.

My first couple of posts will be things I wrote in various creative writing classes at SNHU.  Assignments that took much time and effort on my part but that paid off in the end with an A grade.

What do I want to do with all my free time now you ask?  Well, write of course!  I didn’t spend over $40,000 in student loans for nothing.

Please feel free to leave comments about my writings.  The only way a writer can improve their work is by constructive criticism.

Thanks everyone!

Write on!!



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