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The other evening as I was perusing my social media account, Facebook to be exact, I came across a rant someone had posted from our local community.  Apparently, a neighbor is installing a fence around their property because their neighbor has an aggressive pit bull dog and they don’t want them on their property.  Understandable.  The person who was offended doesn’t own the home they are living in and decided to post a nasty comment with a picture of someone who was walking the property.  In the picture all you can see is a man in camouflage clothing walking on a large piece of property.  You can’t make out the face in any way, shape or form nor is their a company logo that is visible.

The renter is upset (not sure why) that a fence is going up and claims the fence is being installed on their property.  Fencing is a very big issue up here in this small Rocky Mountain town.  It prevents wildlife from grazing and it breaks up the scenery.   Plus, I don’t think many people who live up here have ever had their land surveyed unless they plan on putting up a fence.  My reason for bringing this up isn’t because of a fence, it’s because I was appalled at all the nasty comments being flung at this person who is a part of this community!  One which was surprising to me was the director of a children’s center who apparently is leaving the community and feels she has the right to tell someone to F… off… (hate to say this honey, but reputation follows you).

This has happened to me in the past from people who don’t know me.  I remember twice posting something in a few community pages.  Once I had purchased a ring on a community garage sale site and the poster had lied to me about the ring (the size, the stone, the setting).  I asked her for my money back, after I took it to a jeweler, and I would return the ring.  The person blocked me, called the police on me (saying I threatened them and then that my husband had threatened them) neither was true.  I simply asked her for my money back.  I got attacked from several people in the community that I should just suck it up and keep the ring (which didn’t fit because she lied about the size).  I basically told them to mind their own business.  Because this woman was a single mother and from what I could guess had already spent my money on something else, the people who were not involved in the transaction came quick to her defense.  This surprised me because I was now out $50.00 for a fake ring that the “silver” was peeling off the band!  I wrote a note to the admin of the community page and because she and the person I was trying to get a refund from were friends, she too, told me to suck it up and then proceeded to block me from the page.  And exactly what was it that I had done to deserve this type of treatment?

I found the woman’s address and mailed her back her ring.  I told her to keep the money, karma would get her in the end and that it was apparent she needed it more than I did.  It was the first and last time I purchased anything from anyone in this community.  I saved all the Facebook posts, all the nasty comments just in case the police decided to come to my door (which they didn’t).  Here I made a simple transaction, and the community came down on me like a pack of wolves.

The second and last time I was attacked by community members is when my husband had done a favor for a community member who later posted a nasty, unappreciative post on the community page about how things weren’t done “her” way.  She’s a control freak and a man hater, so why would I expect anything different from her?  The point was that we had helped her out on several occasions and this was our thanks.  So I posted a vague post about how we had been very helpful with not only our time, but money to help out many community members and she was one who wasn’t appreciative.  Basically, she shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and maybe this was one reason why her life wasn’t going like she wanted.  Negativity breeds negativity.  She was always posting shit like “love and light” and I told her (without mentioning her name) she should practice what she preaches.

The admin on the page posted how my post wasn’t boosting positive in the community. I told her to move along if she didn’t like what she was reading, to by pass it, change the channel.  I didn’t care that she was an admin.  My post wasn’t negative it was stating a fact and life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  She didn’t like that.  So her “god” power came out and she kicked me off the site.  No big loss.  I went to the uncensored page and reposted it.  And reposted on another community site where all the holier than thou’s came out in the droves.   I was called everything under the sun, attention whore, if you are a true giver you don’t need to boost about it, etc. etc.  Nasty, vile people who live in my community who feel real brave behind their computers.  Challenging them I said, let’s set up a meeting in a public place so you all can say these things to my face, I’ll even buy the beer.  No one, of course, took me up on it.  Scared, gutless, little punks.  I deleted myself from all the community pages because I no longer care to know these people.  And what a relief it has been!

Which brings me back to my point.

The original poster, who was the owner of the fence company, posted, “This bitch is crazy and got her post removed because she is psycho! Mind you own fucking business, you white trash renter. Who fucking cares if your neighbor is putting a fence in to keep his dogs safe from your aggressive pit bull.” Not only were other people’s comments just as nasty but all the wanna be lawyers came out of the wood work too.  How it was illegal to post a picture of someone on social media without their permission (as I stated earlier, you could not see this person’s face).  How a woman who raised a disrespectful teen is ranting about how disrespectful everyone else is being towards her, oh and the one I really liked “the normal angst of a teen saddened to see a fence and dramatic because it reminds her of a wall. Keep in mind that the executive parts of the brain are not fully formed until 22-24 years old, plus she has been in the public schools and might not understand why she has a problem with fences and walls.”  Yes, not just the wanna be lawyers, but the wanna be therapists!!  Small town people at their best.  There was only one sane guy who thanked the mom for explaining the situation and doing the right thing, one out of over 100 comments.

What does all of these things have in common?  They all happened on a Friday night.  That’s right, nothing to do in a small town on a Friday night except sit in front of a computer, drink and hopefully some unsuspecting community neighbor will voice their opinion on whatever and being just a little buzzed enough, someone, who would argue with a fence post if they could, decides to cause a ruckus.  From my experience, there are plenty of people in this community who love to fan the fires.  I wonder if it makes them feel good about themselves?  How many sit in church every Sunday?  How many own businesses?  It is painfully apparent, these people have no life.  They have no one to talk to, to keep them company.  They are lonely, sad people.  They are so dissatisfied with their own lives, they have to try to bring others down with them.

Inquiring minds want to know…which community member will be trashed on social media next Friday night? From what I’ve been told, they pick them at midnight every Wednesday!

One thought on “Social Media

  1. Ah, the joys of Facebook. I have scaled back on what I do on Facebook. I network my WordPress blog and post a few silly things once in a while. I left nearly all groups except a few that truly matter to me. These days, people are way too sensitive and judgmental. The people that speak love and tolerance the loudest are the ones who never show it, or rarely do so.


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