What in the World….

I have come to the conclusion there is no pleasing many people in this world.  Though we all would like to think living in peace and harmony would be the ultimate, it seems many go out of their way to disrupt this way of thinking.  Let me explain.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind in my family.  Last Tuesday while I was lounging in bed early in the morning drinking my coffee, a news bulletin popped up. The headlines “Home Invasion turns deadly.”  The screen then went to an aerial view of a house and they mentioned the street.  Hesitating for just a second, I yelled down to my husband, who was feeding the dogs, to come up and see what I had just seen.  As I played back the news story, he informed me it was his sister’s house that was now showing on the screen. 

We immediately phoned his sister, who didn’t answer.  We then called her husband, he didn’t answer.  Meanwhile, the worst is going through our heads.  We then called two of our daughters to see if they knew anything.  Both had not seen the news.  Finally able to contact his sister, she was informed that someone had broken into their house.  She had been out of town and raced home.  My husband also raced over to her house.  Of course, the police were there as well as the news stations.  The street was cordoned off so no one was able to access the house or anything around it.  There was a dead body in the basement, but that was all they would tell anyone.

We all knew the worst had happened but no one had the courage to say it out loud.  They spent several hours down there at the house and my husband called me to let me know that his sister and her husband would be coming up to our house to stay for a few days.  It wasn’t long before our house was brimming with people.  Daughters, nieces, boyfriends, grandchildren all came up to support my husband’s sister and husband.  It wasn’t until early that evening when the police called our house to inform us that it had been our nephew, my sister in law’s son, who had been shot numerous times and died.  Timothy was 27 years old.  A senseless act that never had to happen.

We were all devastated.  A young man’s life had been taken for no apparent reason. As the days progressed, we found out more information.  A stolen, black, SUV BMW had been found several miles from the crime scene.  The police said it was used in the home invasion/murder.  One guy was in custody by the next day but no other information was released.  Then, a mug shot of two more perpetrators, a 15 year old black female, and a 17 year old black male were on the run and were wanted by the police.  By Saturday, the girl had turned herself over to the police.  As of this writing, the 17 year old is still at large.

Not only did these scumbags break into my sister in law’s house and kill her only child, it seems they were also to blame for two other break ins that night in another part of town.  They shot a 12 year old black lab in the face.  He survived the gun shot but needed extensive surgery on his mouth, mandible, lost 5 teeth and part of his tongue.  $10,000 for the surgery.  These are teenage monsters!  They have no respect for human life, people’s property, or pets.  The big question is WHY?  Why would they shoot and kill an unarmed young man? Was this part of a larger gang thing going on? Obviously, the teens had been in trouble before if the police had a mug shot of them.  What in the world drives teenagers to become murderers?

A juvenile judge will determine whether the 15 year old will face charges as an adult.  My hope is the judge will.  At 15, we know right from wrong.  She knew exactly what she was getting into when she climbed through the dogie door and unlocked the backdoor for the other two to enter.  Does she deserve to walk at the age of 18? I think not.  Juvvie would be too kind for her.  She needs to be in prison with the big girls and become someone’s bitch.  Murder one.   The first guy they caught was 20, soon to be 21.  He will definitely be tried as an adult.  And the 17 year old, dreadlock scumbag, when caught, should also be tried as an adult.

As for my family, we will be living with this nightmare for many years to come.  We will all join together and support my sister in law when the trial begins.  With the way our court system works, it could be years before we are sitting in a court room waiting for justice to be served.


For the past few months, I have been asking my son, who lives in California, if I can have my two grandchildren for a week in August.  He is divorced from the kids mother who also lives in California with her new husband.  He continually kept telling me he needed to speak with her to see if it would be okay.  Last night, I texted him again to see if he had gotten any response out of her and this is what transpired.

Back in December, my son had noticed some bruising and welting on his kids backside.  Both children had them on each cheek of their bottom.  He took pictures.  He then contacted his ex wife, who blew it off saying, “they’ll be gone in a few days.”  He ended up calling CPS and reporting it.  Apparently, his ex wife’s new husband was into corporal punishment.  Not only did he bruise and welt their backsides, he would make my then 6 year old grandson do push ups whenever he did something the new husband didn’t like.  CPS did nothing after the investigation except tell them to lay off the corporal punishment.  As their grandmother, I was pissed off.

My ex daughter in law has an MO.  She dated my son when they were in high school and then we moved away to Montana where they lost contact.  Her parents were drug users and her home life was not a happy one.  She ended up moving in with a man who was 20 years her senior and they proceeded to have two children.  My son had gone into the Navy and was away for four years.  When he got out of the Navy, he moved to IOWA with some friends but after six months wasn’t happy and wanted to move home.  I sent him money to move and he lived with me for a few months until he decided he wanted to live in San Diego.  He moved in with his father.  It was here that his ex girlfriend contacted him via email.

They started seeing each other behind her then husband’s back.  I know, payback’s a bitch.  It wasn’t long before she left her husband of seven years and moved in with my son, where they both played house with her two children.  After her divorce was final, my son proposed to her and they made wedding plan.  Soon after they wed, she became pregnant with my grandson.  After he was born, they tried for another kid and after a miscarriage, she got pregnant with my granddaughter.  My son went to school to get his bachelor’s degree, via the Navy, to try to make a better life for his little family.  On the outside, everything seemed to be fine.  She, of course, called all the shots and god forbid anyone disagree with her.  My son walked on eggshells and his motto was “happy wife, happy life.”

In their seventh year of marriage and two children, 2 and 4 (same age her two oldest were when she divorced her 1st husband), she decided to get a job.  She started working for a company that deals with chiropractors and some sort of phone service.  It was here where she started to have an affair with her boss, a man in his forties who had never been married nor did he ever have children.  She began not coming home at night, telling my son he would have to pick up the kids from daycare.  She came home late other nights, lying to her family, not caring about her kids.  The two oldest went to live with their dad because of all the tension in the home.

Her boss was in management and company policy was no fraternization, which, would probably lead to dismissal if caught.  They continued with their affair, keeping it hush hush from their co-workers.  My son had finally had enough and he soon left her with the hopes she would come to her senses.  A pipe dream I’m sure, but why would anyone want to take back a cheater and a liar?  How could you possibly trust that person ever again?  Custody arrangements were one week off, one week on with the kids, just like she had with her 1st husband.  How convenient for her.  It took over a year for their divorce to be final.  No courts just lawyers, no fighting, no child support, no spousal support.  During all of this, I moved to Colorado so I wasn’t around them at all and had to depend on others to tell me how they were doing.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting back seeing the devastation this is having on my grandchildren.  They went from happy go lucky little kids, to sullen, sad little faces.  It broke my heart.  They both had no color in their faces whereas before their cheeks were always rosy.  My grandson started acting out, started wetting the bed again.  My granddaughter refused to be potty trained.

Knowing my son’s finances were limited, my husband and I started purchasing their clothes and shoes so they would at least look decent and not like rag a muffins. I would ask to speak with them either by skype or facetime and each time my son would give me the excuse that he forgot or he was busy.  In June of last year, we took a trip down to San Diego and the three weeks we were there, I got to spend only two days with them.  Long enough to see they were not happy children.  Both had dark circles under their eyes.  When they saw me, they both came running up to me yelling “Nana!”  This melted my heart!  God how I missed them.

Back to the child abuser.  After learning about the bruises, welts, and punishment this jerk was handing out to little children, I had had just about enough of their shenanigans. I had accepted the fact my ex daughter in law blocked me on facebook, though I had never done anything to her to deserve it.  But this abuse was going too far.  I decided to call his work.  First I left him a message on his facebook page.  I asked him if it made him feel like a man to hit little defenseless kids.  I challenged him to try and hit me since I seemed to be a little older than him and see what he would get in return.  I messaged family members who were still friends of theirs and told them how disappointed I was in them for remaining friends with a child abuser.  I then called the HR department where he works.

I spoke with the director of HR and explained to her who I was and wanted to divulge some information about one of their managers.  I told her about their affair, to which she stated my ex daughter in law no longer worked there due to they had gotten married and their company policy.  And my reply was, well, they did it for so long behind your back and as a manager to blatantly disobey a company policy, in my book, would be grounds for dismissal.  I then informed her he was being investigated by CPS for child abuse.  A model employee.  She patiently listened to me and asked “what would you like me to do with this information?” I told her whatever she wanted to do with it.  I just felt she needed to know and I left it at that.

Well, apparently, HR did talk with him, however I have no idea what repercussions he suffered from it.  The reason I know he was talked to is this is my ex daughter in law’s excuse for not allowing my grandchildren to see me.   When I texted her phone number, I told her to prepare for a fight because I would be hiring an attorney to get my grandparent’s visitation rights.  She blocked my number but then ragged on my son.  My son then told me not to do it, that he didn’t want to deal with her shit.  My reply is he shouldn’t have to deal with her shit, this was between her and I and yes, I am going after her.  I’m not going to roll over and let her call all the shots like she has been for years now.  If she can allow a child abuser access to her children as well as drug users to babysit them, than I don’t see why I can’t see my grandchildren.  I know they love me and miss me and I am going to fight to the bitter end in order to exercise my right as their grandparent to see them as often as I possibly can.   I have already started the ball rolling.  I have contacted the attorney I used against my ex husband when he refused to pay child support and left the state, yeah ask him how that worked out for him?  That lawyer is in California and I have contacted an attorney here in Colorado who also has the reputation of getting things done.  I’m still not sure who will have to take the case but I’ve got my bases covered.

What in the world is she thinking?  I’m ruthless and I am a force to be reckoned with…hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…game on bitch!

What in the World….

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