Outer Limits…

No matter how hard I try these days, my mind seems to draw a blank as to what intelligent subject I should write about.  What would a reader be interested in reading that would be Creative Nonfiction?  Twisted versions of the truth…well not really versions, how about twisted truths?

Boy, have I got some good ones for you…it seems never a dull moment.  No matter how hard I try to keep drama out of my life, it always seems to find me.  Maybe it’s because I don’t back down from a fight.  Never have, not sure if I ever will.  I go on principles. And truth.

Most people in my life know about the Desert Devils.  Back in 2006, I landed a job with a residential construction company in Palm Desert as a Purchasing Manager.  My boss was a real dick (and yes, his name was Richard).  Total asshole in my book.  He insisted I move out to the desert to be closer to my job so stupid me sells the mobile home I owned and was living in that I had just fixed up inside and out only to have to rent someone else’s home.  I’ve made some dumb mistakes in my life but this one turned out to be the dumbest.

I’m going to give you the short version because I promised the Desert Devils I was going to write a book about their escapades and how they rip people off, continuing onto this very day.  I really want as many people as possible to know about them because as I had written about them once before, they are like herpes.  Once they are in your life, you can’t get rid of them.

I met the female devil where I worked because she was a landscape contractor.  She was short, bleached blonde, Italian girl (which is how she befriended me), who got collagen shots in her lips to enlarge them, (if you ever saw the movie, “First Wives Club” when Goldie Hawn couldn’t get her lips big enough, yep, that’s what it looked like), tons of plastic surgery and hair extensions.  She was totally fake.  She liked to fuck younger boys because she could control them.  And she was an attention whore.

One story she told me was that she ran an escort service with both men and women.  One night she had invited me to walk the Palm Springs Farmers Market.  She was so arrogant, she parked her Humvee in a restaurant owners parking spot, clearly marked.  Her remark when we left the vehicle was “Whose gonna tow an 8 ton vehicle?”

As we walked along the main street, we came upon a guy who was sitting on his Harley.  She knew very well and she had asked him how business was.  He replied it was booming.  She introduced us and I didn’t give it another thought.  They continued to talk about different things and then as we were leaving, the guy handed me his card and said, “If you ever need anything, give me a call.”  I took his card and when I looked down at it, I about peed my pants.  His business card was a picture of him, wearing chaps and nothing else, with a hard on and a smile, sitting on the edge of a bathroom counter.

As we walked away, she told me he was one of her employees.  We stopped at a local restaurant and ordered a margarita and then walked back to her car.  It was gone.  She was in a panic and ran to find a cop.  I went into the restaurant and asked what tow service they use.  I explained that my friend’s car had been towed from their parking lot and we needed to contact them.  I got the name and gave it to her.  She was asking the cop if he could drive us to the tow place.

When I say, she was in a panic, I had never seen her so unnerved.  As it turns out, she had a wad of cash in the middle compartment of the vehicle and I think she was afraid the tow guy would find it and steal it.  She reminded me of someone in the mafia.  Collecting cash from the different businesses she owned.  We ended up catching a cab to the tow place and as we waited inside the office for her vehicle to show up, she began talking to the biker looking dudes sitting behind the desk.  It was the first time I had ever heard the he devil’s name mentioned.  She kept asking these guys if they knew him.  They just sort of looked at her as if she were crazy.  No, never heard of him, why? Well, she explained to them, if they ever needed any legal advice, he would be the one to go to.  He was a lawyer, she told them and someone who was like a brother to her.  If they mentioned her name, he would be sure to take good care of them.

She tried to get the tow guys to lower her fee but they wouldn’t budge on the price and she had to pay cash.  When her vehicle finally made it back to the yard, she told them her cash was in her vehicle and they allowed her to retrieve it.  I never knew anyone who carried that much cash around let alone in a vehicle they believed would never get towed.  No wonder she was in a panic.  That evening I found out she was a “madam”, she always carried lots of cash with her, she had a partner who was supposedly a lawyer, and from what she said, he would make these guys lives so miserable, she would be getting her money back from the tow.  Arrogant.

I won’t be using their real names in this true tale because the last time I wrote something about both of them on the internet to defend my name, the he devil filed a lawsuit against me for libel, libel per se, and god knows what other charges he came up with.  Fortunately for me, the judge was a smart cookie and saw right through him.  He was awarded nothing because what I wrote about the both of them was all true and I had the proof, so the judge basically dismissed the case.

So, for the sake of this story, she devil will be Jaycee and he devil will be Moses.

As I had told you in the beginning, I was working for a real dick.  After selling my house, moving to the desert and taking a one year lease out on a house, this prick laid me off after 5 months.  I’m not sure if it was the desert heat or the after affects of chemo brain, but he was the first person whose life I wouldn’t mind seeing snuffed out.  I mean my mind thought up all kinds of ways to dispose of him.  He was a cruel, heartless man.  And the way he went about my job loss, will most likely end up in one of my books.  I was so surprised and shocked, I never saw it coming.

After packing up my desk of my belongings, I was driving home and my phone rang.  It was Jaycee.  Not sure how she found out so quickly but she invited me over to her place for a drink.  She figured I’d probably need one, but she also said she wanted to talk to me about something.  So I pulled a U turn and headed over to her place.  She had made a pitcher of margaritas and was sitting outside on her patio when I arrived.  After pouring me a drink, she said she had a business idea she wanted to run by me.  She proceeded to tell me she wanted to start up a dog day care and free range kennel and wanted to know if I would be interested in running it for her.  I was very specific about asking questions because what she said next made me sit back and scratch my head.

She said she wanted me to manage it and that she would put up all the money.  I told her she would have to because I didn’t have any money.  She wanted me to go with her to find the perfect place as well as go and look at other places that were doing the same thing.  One place in particular was run by a couple of friends she knew.  She wanted us to go there and ask questions without telling them what she was doing.  In fact, she wanted me to tell them I was thinking of doing the same thing.  I found this rather odd.  I mean this girl had other businesses, what was the big deal in telling them she wanted to do the same thing?  She wanted it to look like it was my idea and my business.

She found a realtor to look for places.  A place came available that had fallen out of escrow and the realtor told the owner of what our plans were for the house and property and she was in agreement as long as she was paid $2,500 per month rent.  I shook my head.  Pretty high rent for a business just starting out, but Jaycee seemed to be in agreement with it.  This is when Moses came into the picture.  A rental agreement was drawn out with Jaycee’s name on it and it was faxed over to Moses, her attorney, to take a look at it.  I received a phone call from her that afternoon.  She and Moses were looking over the agreement and they needed me to come over and just take a look at it.  So, I drove over to Moses house.  I had never been there before and was again surprised to see him working out of his house.  But never did I question it.

It was while I was sitting at his dining room table, reading over the rental agreement, when Jaycee said she didn’t want her name on the rental agreement.  I said well whose name are you going to put on the rental agreement?  She told me she wanted only my name on the rental agreement.  I said, no, I couldn’t do that.  It wasn’t my business, it was her business.  And what if we don’t bring in enough money the first year during the months to pay the $2,500?  I couldn’t come up with that kind of money.  I was still paying rent at my house that I had signed a one year lease for.  She said not to worry, we would draw up a separate agreement between the two of us stating she was the responsible party.  I still said no.  She then came up with an outlandish story that because she owned so many businesses, the IRS told her she was not allowed to own any more businesses.  I had never heard of anything like that and told her so.  I also told her I would need to speak with my tax account to see if that was true.  Moses then piped in and stated no matter what, the agreement that would be drawn up between the two of us would cover anything that may go wrong.

I said the only way I would sign the rental agreement is if a clause was put in there that if after 3 months the business wasn’t making any money, I would be able to rescind the lease with no penalties and the landlord could keep the $10,000 deposit that Jaycee was going to pay her and that I would not be responsible for anything per the written agreement between Jaycee and myself.  Moses and Jaycee agreed to this.  So the realtor wrote it up and sent it over to the landlord, who wasn’t really happy that Jaycee’s name wasn’t going to be on the lease but she was happy with her $10,000 check.  I wasn’t very comfortable myself about this change in plans because I was just the manager but now my name is on a $2,500 one year lease for Jaycee’s business.

A business account was opened up and again while in the bank Jaycee only wanted my name on the business account with her as a signer.  My gut was telling me to just walk away, cut my losses, move away.  But I had no where to go.  I had sold my house.  I had a lease I had to stay with until January and it was only June.  It was a job and Jaycee said she was paying me.  That same day, Moses gave me a camera and sent me over to the house and told me to take pictures.  The landlord had not finished moving out yet and had lots of stuff in the garage.  Jaycee met me over there and started going through this woman’s stuff.  She started taking things and moving them back into the house, artwork, small furniture, things she said that this person wouldn’t miss.  I couldn’t believe how arrogant she was about this.  I was very uncomfortable about what she was doing since my name was on the lease and not her’s.

It didn’t take long after that for the landlord to call me and accuse me of stealing her stuff.  I told I did no such thing, that Jaycee is the one who went through her stuff.  Well, she wasn’t dealing with Jaycee since her name wasn’t on the lease.  I called Jaycee and told her that I was being accused of stealing this woman’s things and that Jaycee would need to call her and give them back to her. Jaycee called Moses and told him this woman was harassing her.  So Moses, the evil man that he was, called this woman and threatened her.  The woman then called me and said she would never speak to him again that he was evil and nasty and if he ever did call her again, she was going to get her lawyer after all of us.  At this point, I was done.  I didn’t want any part of this arrangement any longer as I started seeing what type of people I was dealing with, people I didn’t want to be associated with, let alone work for.

I went to Boston for a week and while I was away, Jaycee purchased all kinds of furniture for the business.  She had work done on the 1 acre parcel, and put up a chain link fence.  She said they were favors she called in because she had done work for them.  When I got back, she had the place pretty much set up.  She had painted the garage walls, she had cut out the garage door and put plexiglass in place of where she cut out the garage door so the dogs could see out.  Oh boy!  She never asked the landlord permission to do this yet she did it anyway.  She also put up a wall with a door in it to separate the front door from the kitchen so dogs couldn’t escape.  This all worried me but it was her business.  However, I still had not gotten that written agreement we were both supposed to sign so technically, it looked like it was my business.

We opened the doors to the business for Thanksgiving weekend.  I ended up taking the three dogs I was caring for back to my house because there wasn’t a bed at the place for me to sleep in.   Jaycee wanted me to bring my bed over and I told her no, I had a home and the only time I would need to stay overnight is if we had dogs to care for.  She wasn’t happy about that but I wasn’t moving into the center, it was her business and I was the manager.  She needed to get that through her head. I was her employee.

We still didn’t have our permit from the city either.  They kept coming up with other things we had to do in order to get the permit.  The landlord had put in stadium lights in the back one acre parcel but of course it wasn’t permitted, so the city wanted the lights permitted by a licensed electrician or they wanted them removed.  Removal wasn’t an option and the landlord refused to pay for anyone to permit them.  As the manager, I helped put the waste disposal plan in place as well as all the paperwork that clients had to fill out.  Files had to be kept on each dog along with their shot records.  The insurance company gave me a list of dogs that absolutely could never set foot in the center.  Jaycee came by about once per week and I called her daily to give her updates as to what was happening.  I also always mentioned the written agreement we needed to work out.

Three weeks after opening the center, Jaycee came by the center (I had a few dogs that would just come for the day care portion) and she proceeded to tell me, she was no longer going to be putting any more money into the business.  I said, so are you closing it down?  She said no, you need to step it up and take as many dogs as possible to make this thing successful. I informed her we still didn’t have our permit from the city and they were only allowing us to have six dogs.  That would be illegal of me to take in any more than six and we could get fined a very large fine if we got caught.  She didn’t care.  So for Christmas, she wanted me to take as many dogs as I could handle.  First off, it isn’t easy running a center like this.  You do have to watch the dogs, almost like kids.  You have to entertain them, make sure everyone is getting along.  Then come meal time, you have to make sure everyone eats and doesn’t fight over food.  Clean up all the dog poop, sanitize the floors at least 3 times per day, wash the dog beds on a daily basis, make sure you have plenty of fresh water, answer the phones, check in new clients, do test runs with new clients to make sure their dog gets along with other dogs.  The only rest you get is when they bed down for the night.  I had beds all over the family room all occupied with sleeping, very tired doggies.  When I didn’t have any dogs, I had to go out and do marketing for the place.  And when I asked for my pay check, Jaycee told me she never told me I was going to get paid!

So, just before Christmas (business not even opened a month), I started looking for another job.  My lease on my house was going to be up in January and I hated living in the desert.  I wanted to move back to San Diego.  I went to an old head hunter who had found me jobs in the past and said I specifically want a job in San Diego, no where else.  I told Jaycee I couldn’t work for free and told her I would help her find a new manager.  I placed an ad on Craigslist and the resume’s started to flow in.  Jaycee insisted on being in on all the interviews.  I had no problem with that, it was her business, she would have the final say anyway.  For Christmas, I headed out to San Diego to be with my family.  I was to be gone Christmas Eve and Christmas Day returning late morning the day after Christmas.  Jaycee was going to be dog sitting the twelve dogs at the center.

When I returned back to the center, Jaycee was already gone.  She had placed all twelve dogs in the garage.  She left them with no water and when I pulled up into the driveway, they were all staring out the plexiglass wagging their tails.  I couldn’t believe it!  The potential of this turning into a disaster was beyond my comprehension.  I had no idea what time she had left and had no idea how long the dogs had been alone with no water. One golden retriever had melted wax all over her coat.  I was devastated.  I immediately called her.  I was pissed.  She didn’t want to hear it and hung up on me.  That evening, after I knew she would be home, I called her again.  She told me then she never wanted me to call her again after 5:00 pm.  I reminded her this was her business not mine to which she replied, “prove it” and hung up on me again.

In between all of this happening, her and I were interviewing people for the manager position.  Jaycee couldn’t make up her mind who she wanted but she would take a copy of their resume home with her after each interview.  One night, the business phone rang after hours.  I happened to be there and answered the phone. It was a young woman we had just interviewed that day.  She said to me,

“I don’t know who that Jaycee woman is, but she just called me and told me that if I were to take the job, that I would not be getting paid for the work I would be doing. She said you were trying to rip people off and it would be best if I just found something else. Did you know she was doing this?”  I couldn’t believe it!  WTF was she doing?  It was then it finally sunk in that I had been scammed into this business.  My name was on everything and it appeared from the lease to the bank account that this was my business and my responsibility.  She had never gotten the agreement written up and it was obvious she was avoiding doing it.  My persistence just made her angry.  She never intended on signing any such agreement.

Well, if that’s how she wanted to play, then let the games begin.  I started with calling a locksmith and having the locks changed.  The next day, I went to the bank and withdrew all the money from the account, a total of $2,100, my pay for the month is how I looked at it.  A friend of mine drove from San Diego to help me pack up the few things I had over there and bring them back to my house.  I hired a girl to come in and look after the remaining dogs so I could go back to my house and start packing up for my move to San Diego.

I contacted an attorney because now Moses was calling me and threatening me with a lawsuit, stating I had committed fraud and he was going to get their $35,000 in cash that they had given me to start this business!!  What???  I had never received a dime from them with the exception of the money that had been left in the bank account, I had never received any money.  I told him he had no proof of ever giving me any money, he said they had receipts.  Receipts from what?  Receipts of the paint, the furniture, the computer, the fencing, the work that had been done on the land.  All the stuff that Jaycee had done while I was in Boston!  And because my name was on the lease, it would appear that I was the one who had this work done and who told her to purchase all this other stuff.  I was fucked!!  My only recourse was to close down the business.  There was no way I could afford to run her business.  I contacted the landlord and told her I was exercising my right on the clause to close the business and give her back her house.  She could keep the $10,000 of the deposit.  I also called up a garage door company to get quotes for the garage door.  I got it in writing and taped it to the inside of the garage door.

Prior to closing down, one night the doorbell rang at the center and it was the sheriff.  Standing behind him was Jaycee.  She pushed passed the sheriff and started walking into the living room towards the computer.  I grabbed her arm and told her to get out.  She said it was her computer.  I told her when I leave, she could come back for it.  The sheriff then explained to her that this would be a civil case and since her name wasn’t on the lease, she would not be allowed to go into the house/center.  I told her once I vacated the premises, I would call her so she could come in and get whatever was her’s but not until then.

The movers arrived at my house to pick up my belongings on January 10th.  My dining room table was being used as the office desk so I had them make a run over to the center to pick that up along with the washer and dryer and a few large potted plants.  I left the rest in the center along with the computer.  As the movers were following me out of town, I called her and left her a message.  I told her the landlord had the new key if she wanted to pick up the rest of the stuff in the house.  I didn’t hear from her again.

Several months passed and I was getting along with my new job as purchasing manager for a general contractor.  A process server came in one afternoon asking for me.  When the receptionist called me to tell me someone was up at the front desk to serve me papers, I told her to tell him I wasn’t available.  He left the papers anyway.  I was being summoned to appear in court and was being sued for fraud and several other things (when Moses filed a suit, he made sure he included not just one but several reasons for the suit whether they were true or not).  In the papers, they stated that Jaycee and Moses were business partners (he was a silent partner who had given Jaycee money).  That I had come to them crying that I needed money to start up a dog daycare business and they both felt sorry for me and gave me $35,000 in cash to start up this business.  I had squandered the money and when I was unable to keep it going, I just left town, stealing the remainder of the money and property, including the computer.  I had committed fraud by leading them to believe I was running the business when I was actually looking for employment in another city.  OMG!  They had copies of the lease attached to the suit, as well as receipts (all of which I had never seen) from all these different people who had supposedly did work for me!  They also said in their declarations that I had killed the two puppies who had lived next door with parvo because I had no records of the shots from any of the animals I was taking in.  Of course, I had kept all the business files so I had proof the dogs had all had their shots.  They had a list of people who were going to testify to many different things and when I looked at the list of people, the landlord was one of them, the neighbors, and one of the guys I used to work with at the construction company along with some of Jaycee’s other friends.

I had to hire an attorney.  When my work got served to release my employment records, my new attorney told them not to release anything to these people.  Moses was a paralegal and he was representing Jaycee and himself in the civil suit.  They had already served the bank where we had the business account for all my personal information and the bank gave it to them.  My attorney called the bank and told them we were going to file a lawsuit against them for releasing that information with a fake subpoena never having gone through the courts.  Moses filed a lawsuit against my employer for not releasing my employment records.  So now my employer had to hire an attorney to which my boss regularly gave me copies of the attorney’s bill so I knew how much money he was spending on me.

Because the lawsuit was filed in the desert and I was living in San Diego, as was my attorney, our drive time was a little over 2 hours each way.  Moses inundated my attorney with paperwork.  Each time my name appeared on a fax, it added up on my bill.  He was relentless.  Every day, he sent over at least 10 documents, some were senseless.  Moses started to threatened my attorney.  Moses called my place of business and would threaten the receptionist, the office manager, once even threatening my boss.  He would fax personal documents to my work fax so everyone could view them.  When Moses set up a deposition, my attorney and I drove out to the desert to the place indicated on the paperwork.  When we arrived there, the receptionist asked us what we were doing there, we told her for a deposition.  She checked her books and there was nothing on the books for a deposition.  We called Moses and of course, he didn’t answer.  The deposition was never scheduled.  From then on, whenever Moses would request any type of meeting, we required it to be recorded because he couldn’t be trusted.  Moses would record any conversations he and I would have whenever he would call my work.  The receptionist would just transfer him to me whenever he would call no matter who he asked for.  He called so often, she knew his voice.  One time he called and she transferred him to me and I just cursed him up one side and down another.  Every other word was fuck.  He was recording me without my knowledge which is inadmissible in California court.  When my attorney went to one of our hearings out in the desert in front of the judge, Moses played the recording back in the waiting room where everyone waiting to go into the courtroom was able to hear it. When he got into the courtroom, the judge said he wanted to hear it.

It was shortly after that hearing that I received a tentative bill from my attorney, who at this point just wanted to quit.  Moses was wearing him out.  He is an evil person and my attorney had never run into anyone like him in all the years of him practicing.  He had offered a judgeship and wanted to take it but felt obligated to me.  After seeing his bill, I relieved him of his duty!  $90,000 had been run up from Moses little game.  They were suing me for $35,000 and now my attorney bills were $90,000.  Well, looks like I would be representing myself from this point forward as I could not afford to hire another attorney.  I got all my files from my attorney and I began the work of representing myself.

Funny how all the faxes stopped now that it wasn’t going to cost me any money.  I asked my attorney for one more favor.  I asked him how I could get out of this mess.  He believed me when I told him the outlandish story of how I got mixed up with these two.  He knew I was telling the truth.  So, he told me to file bankruptcy knowing he wouldn’t see a dime for all the work and aggravation he put up with from Moses.  He said I would have to include their dollar amount in the bankruptcy.  I told him I didn’t want to admit guilt when I wasn’t guilty but that I just could not afford to continue to let this go on any longer.  He understood.  So he hooked me up with a great bankruptcy attorney and I filed.  The bankruptcy went through and I thought for sure these two snakes would show up to refute it.  They didn’t.  We kept looking for them but they never showed up.  In fact, there were several hearings I had to attend out in the desert in front of the judge and again, neither one of them showed up.  One time in front of the judge, he asked me why I had not shown up for one of the hearings, and I told him I had filed and was granted bankruptcy and was told I didn’t have to show up.  He told his clerk to fine me $250 for no show as well as Jaycee and Moses.  He then called me back up and asked me when my bankruptcy had been finalized and when I told him the date, he told the clerk to strike my fine but to keep Jaycee and Moses’s fine.

After that I never had to appear in court again.  I kept checking the court case via the internet and the case was eventually dismissed.  Through some research, I found out Jaycee went on to open a marijuana shop out in the desert but again, her name wasn’t on any of the documents but her fat ass and big lips showed up on one of their videos to promote the business, she was acting as if she were a customer.  As for Moses, I’m sure he continued to harass as many people as he possibly could.  I tried to put it behind me but it had ruined me financially.  In 2008, my employer didn’t renew my contract and I was laid off from work.  Since it was the beginning of the great recession, I was unable to find full time work in my field or any field for that matter.  I started my own business as a professional organizer and did quite well for several years.  When I decided to go back to work in the corporate field, I started sending out my resumes.  I was on a phone interview one day, and the owner of this one company was doing an internet search of my name.  He started reading something back to me and asked, hey is this you?  I said I didn’t know what he was talking about and he said grab your computer and google your name.  I did.  I couldn’t believe what came up.  Moses had written a short paragraph with my name in it.  It stated that he and his business partner had loaned me money to start up a business and that I had stolen it and left town.  That they had filed a civil suit against me for fraud and that they had won a judgement against me for $35,000 in which I had then filed bankruptcy so I wouldn’t have to pay it!!   I was so embarrassed!  I tried to explain to the guy that it wasn’t true but hey, he didn’t know me from a hole in the wall.  Of course, he didn’t hire me.  I was a thief in his eyes.

He did give me some advice.  He said if it wasn’t true than I needed to clear my name by writing a rebuttal to his post.  So, I did.  I wrote a rebuttal, a long one something similar to this blog post, and I used their real names.  I wrote a review of both of their companies, her landscape company and his arbitration company.  During my research, I found out the attorney that Moses worked for, who was as crooked as he was, had his licensed revoked by the bar because he lied about representing a client.  Birds of a feather.  I warned people to stay away from them, to not do business with them, to run as far away from them as possible.  I told people he was a felon because he was.  Moses had spent 10 years in prison for armed burglary.  He studied the law while he was in prison and because he was a felon, he was not able to be an attorney so he became a paralegal and a PI.  However, I feel if you are a felon, you shouldn’t be able to be a PI because you have access to people’e private information.  Everything I wrote about the both of them was the truth.  I didn’t have to lie.  And I had proof.

It has been seven years since the original lawsuit had been filed by Moses and Jaycee.  My mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and since I was still unable to find a job, I decided to move in with her so I could care for her during her treatments and doctor appointments.  I had just moved in, not even 4 days, on a Saturday.  I had gotten up early and was making coffee when the doorbell rang.  I looked at the clock.  It was 8:00 am.  I opened the door (she had a security screen which was locked).  A young, long haired boy was standing on her porch and he said to me, ‘I just live up the street and this is for you’.  I glanced at the paper in his hand and I saw Moses’s name on the front sheet.  I said, “oh, hell no, go fuck yourself” and I closed the door.  This kid kept ringing the bell and knocking on the screen door.  I yelled through the door, “if you continue to do that, I’m calling the police.”  He left.  He had pushed the papers up through the bottom of the screen.  Once I knew he was gone, I opened the door and retrieved the papers.  Sure enough, it was another civil lawsuit filed by Moses for libel, libel per se, and a couple of other things.  Like I said, he likes to cover all his bases.

As I’m reading his declaration, he writes that I cost him money because of what I had written about him on the internet.  He stated that what I had written were all lies and because of that, he wanted compensation for the business he lost due to my statement.  He had attached to the papers, a copy of my cable bill which he had apparently stolen out of my mailbox and he also mentioned the previous lawsuit.  He wanted over $100,000 from me.  I couldn’t believe it, the herpes was rearing its ugly head once again!  He filed the papers in San Diego and I was now living in Riverside.  Which meant I would have to shag my ass 1.5 hours each way every time I had a court hearing.  Wonderful.  However, this time, I refused to hire an attorney.  I would represent myself this time from the beginning.  I hired a paralegal to help me with the paper work but her name never appeared on any of the paper in fear he would harass the shit out of her.  And so it began again.  Friends who had known about the first lawsuit couldn’t believe he was after me again.  I wrote out my response and filed it with the court.  I showed up to the first hearing in San Diego, he didn’t.  He called in.

The second hearing, I called in and he didn’t.  He didn’t even show up.  The judge was kind enough to talk me through some of the things I didn’t really understand.  I’m sure they just love it when a person represents himself especially if they don’t know the system.  Oh well, I couldn’t afford to hire an attorney knowing Moses’s MO.  The next hearing was one where we both had to show up.  I know this because I called the service I had used previously and they said that hearing had to be attended.  So I trekked down to San Diego and when they call our names, I stand and go in front of the judge and Moses, low and behold, is on the phone, his cell phone no less, driving in his car.  He didn’t use the service he was supposed to use in order to speak to the judge when you do get to call in.  The judge asked him where he was and he told him he lived in Riverside County.  The judge asked him who told him he could call in, he told the judge, he had called a clerk and they told him he could call in.  I raised my hand.  “Your honor, I live in Riverside County and I called to find out if I could call in and I was told I had to show up for this hearing.  Plus, the system states you have to pay a service to patch you through to the court room and he is clearly on his cell phone.”  The judge then said, “you live in Riverside county too?”  “Yes, your honor.”

“Mr. P. (Moses), you filed this lawsuit in my county when you both clearly don’t live in this county.  I’m going to make a suggestion, and I strongly urge you to follow it.  YOU filed this lawsuit.  If I don’t see you physically here in my courtroom at the next hearing, I will be dismissing your case.  You are wasting the courts time with your games and I won’t have it.”  YES!!!  Music to my ears.  Judge set another court date, two weeks out.

It was the Friday of Mother’s Day weekend, and again, I make the trek down to San Diego alone.  I was actually counter suing Moses this time asking for the same amount of money for the libel he had done to me.  I didn’t recognize Moses as I had only seen him maybe twice and that had been over seven years ago.  And he didn’t recognized me either as I had lost a lot of weight and my hair was now blonde not brunette.  When the clerk called our case, we both stood in front of the judge.  Moses asked the judge for a continuance.  The judge looked a little surprised.  “Why do you need a continuance?” he asked.  “Well, your honor, I haven’t had enough time to prepare after her response.”  The judge checks his computer, “Her response was filed back in February, it’s now May. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have had enough time to prepare?”

“Well, what she wrote in her response I was refuting and thought the court would have agreed so I didn’t have time to prepare my rebuttal.”


Meanwhile, my heart is beating out of my chest.  I’m so angry.  He’s playing his fucking little games again.  Costing me time and money and playing with the courts time as well.

Then the judge speaks up, “You want a continuance, Mr. P.? Tell you what, I’ll grant you your continuance. You have until Monday, where I will see you back in this courtroom prepared for me to hear your case.”

Oh, for God’s sake!  This is really playing out well for me!  He has annoyed the judge with his little games.  Where his games may work on the corrupt judges in the desert, but he’s dealing with a real judge now who for all intense and purposes, is seeing right through him.

As I’m leaving the court room, I head towards the elevator.  I see him in front of me and I do not want to be stuck in an elevator with this pig.  So, I u turn it to the ladies room.  I have a smile on my face so big, it’s hard for me to conceal my enjoyment.  It’s finally going to be over, Monday, this nightmare will be behind me.  Now I’m excited.

Monday morning and the courthouse is almost empty.  The judge and his clerk came into work just to hear this case.  There was no one else in the courtroom, just the four of us.  Moses had three 4″ binders.  He gave one to me, one to the judge and kept one for himself.  In it were copies of the things I had written about him along with some other papers, bullshit as far as I was concerned.  However, as I leafed through the back of the binder, I saw an email from a potential client.  They had done some research on him and his fellow cohort and because of what I had written about him and her, they decided not to hire him, in fact, the email was from the clients daughter warning her father.  Ha ha!  Good.  It worked.  He had suffered as I had only my words were the truth.

I was called to the stand where I thought I would be nervous but was oddly calm.  I was no longer afraid of this piece of shit standing in front of me.  He started off with bringing up the old case.  To which I objected.  I told the judge the old case has been dismissed and therefore wasn’t relevant.  Moses stated that it was because of the old case that the libel had taken place.  The judge told him to make it quick that he would hear a summary from the both of us about the old case.  When he came to the part about being an ex felon, Moses told the judge that he had not been in prison for 10 years but had only been in prison for 2 years.  The judge said regardless of how long you were in prison, Mr. P., you are still an ex felon, next.  But your honor I am in the process of getting that expunged from my record.  Good for you, however, that hasn’t happened yet.  Next.  And of course that went on for a good hour where he would bring something up, and I had the proof that I had written the truth.

It was then the judge started to read some of the stuff I had written.  One thing I had written was how the both of them were like herpes, once they were in your life, you could never get them out.  The judge asked me if I had written that.  I told him I had.  He asked me why.  I said because I’m a writer and that is how I was able to convey what it was like for me to be involved with them.  I then got to tell my side of the story about how they had bankrupted me, how I was scammed into the dog business when I was promised pay for my work and how I was supposed to get a written statement about the business arrangement which I never got.  I told the judge that Jaycee had in fact told me about running an escort service (prostitution ring) and about the guy with the business card.  I had the proof about all the lawsuits that Moses had filed in the desert area and that I had done research on the cases.  There were several in there about “loaning money to open a business and then foreclosing on them and suing them.” About the harassment of my attorney during the first trial and the threats that we both received.  How they had ruined me financially on purpose and if she was a so called multi millionaire (words that Moses used while he was cross examining me, in front of the judge) how did $35,000 ruin her?  $35,000 that I never saw and had the bank statements to prove I had never received any $ amount that came close to that.

The judge then asked me why I wrote all those things that I wrote and I told him, I was defending myself.  It was in retaliation for what he wrote about me.  I told the judge that prior to me writing this stuff, Moses had put copies of the last court case on the internet by using his last place of employments website.  I had called to have them removed but they refused.  However, when that attorney lost his license to practice law because he lied to a client, and they removed the website, that’s the only reason they were no longer on the internet.  I felt this was why he wrote what he wrote.  Plus, people now have to pay for copies of court case documents, they just can’t pull them up any longer.

The judge made his decision.  Moses didn’t get what he wanted and I didn’t get what I wanted, monetarily that is.  I only counter sued Moses because I could.  I wasn’t expecting any money, however Moses was, so it was a huge disappointment to him.  In fact, he was so disappointed, two weeks after the judge’s decision, I received a letter in the mail.  It was addressed to the Superior Court in San Diego from Moses P. requesting a retrial.  He claimed he didn’t receive a far trial because the court was bias towards me.  I immediately called the court clerk and asked her what I needed to do.

“Nothing.  It’s up to him to prove he didn’t get a fair trial and the judge has to approve it.  So, you don’t have to do anything.  The ball is in his court, so to say.”

So far, he has done nothing.



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