American Justice System


Last May my nephew was murdered in a home invasion which was done by the RBC gang in Denver, CO.  Out of the 14 gang members responsible, all have been caught and the majority of them were juveniles at the time of the crime.  One juvenile is in California, where, after killing my nephew, he traveled from Denver to Torrance and proceeded to break into a little old ladies home, beat her and robbed her house.  Her neighbor though saw a strange vehicle parked in front of her home and called the police.  Lucky for her.  This guy is a killer and I can guarantee he would have killed this little old lady before leaving her to identify him.

When the police arrived at her home, they caught one guy who had tried to run away the other one was hiding in the attic of her garage.  If the canine unit had not been called in, I fear he would have gotten away.  The dog found him and notified his handler.  He was quickly arrested.  But because he was only 17, California news was not able to show his face.  That wasn’t the case in Colorado.  His face was plastered all over the news because he was wanted for first degree murder.  A young black male with long dread locks and blue eyes.  Already a career criminal, he is still being held in Los Angeles to face his crimes there, hopefully, he will be charged as an adult and then Colorado will get him to face murder charges here.

As I sat in court today listening to the judge and the taxpayer paid defense attorneys, I was astonished at how little I actually knew about the American justice system.  What a racket!  And we are paying for it.  We are paying for these criminals to use the system to benefit themselves.  Out of all the cases I heard from 830 am until 1130 am, 3 white guys were charged with probation violations, drugs (meth), resisting arrest and the rest of the criminals were black or Mexican, drugs and probation violations for who knows what.  One young Latina girl was in for probation violation.  Apparently, she pissed dirty.  The judge sitting on the bench was extremely kind to all the inmates.  He greeted each one pleasantly and would then proceed to go over their case and why they were once again standing in front of him.

This young girl had been given probation back in April 2017 for drugs.  She was ordered to take drug rehab classes and pay some fines.  She did neither.  In fact, when her probation officer gave her a pee test, she failed it.  Her lawyer continually made excuses for her.  She had had a job at McDonald’s but got fired because she called in sick (ahhh, that doesn’t happen if you call in sick once.) She had been searching for other employment to no avail, according to her attorney and this was the reason she wasn’t able to pay for her fines.  Oh, and she had just found out she was pregnant so the probability of her using drugs during her pregnancy was not going to happen.  (Really?)

The judge was a wise man, which is why he was sitting on the bench.  He spoke to her kindly.  He let her know he had been very lenient with her back in April, he had given her 2 years probation, some fines to pay (total of $500), and required her to take some drug rehab classes.  She violated her probation, hadn’t paid but $60 towards her fines, and she was using drugs again.  He didn’t believe her when she told him if he put her in jail, it would hinder her finding a job and getting her fines paid.  He didn’t buy it.  He started her probation all over again from today (2 years), her fines were $600, and now, since she didn’t seem to be learning her lesson, he gave her 45 days in jail.  The officer came up and cuffed her hands behind her back and took her away as tears rolled down her face.

A shocking revelation was seeing the way some of these girls were dressed like hookers!  They were laughing and joking in the hallways.  One girl was wearing a pair of jeans, if you could call them jeans, the holes were so large there was barely any material on her legs, with thigh high black suede heel boots and a white sweater.  I looked at the victim advocate who was there and said, you know, when I was growing up, I was taught to always look and dress professionally.  She turned to me and said, well, they’re probably going to get to see their man. To which my husband said, well, maybe they are dressed for their profession, prostitution.  I did a piece on poverty once, thinking this was why there were so many Mexican and Black men in prison, but to see how these young girls were dressed today had nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with upbringing.

Another criminal couldn’t speak a lick of English and was from some place in Africa. I have no idea what language he spoke but they had to call someone on the phone to translate what the judge was saying to him and what he was saying to the judge.  When he left the court room, I wanted so badly to run after him calling “Sir? Sir?” to see if he would turn around.  If you can’t speak English and you’re in this country committing crimes no matter what that crime is, you need to leave.  Don’t waste the American taxpayers money on him, send him home.

Two of the dirt bags that took part in robbing and taking my nephew’s life were up for arraignment, which is why we were in court, mostly to support my husband’s sister and husband.  After hearing stories about how the defendants families would show up in the court room in previous hearings taunting my sister in law and husband, we felt we needed to show them support and maybe knock a few teeth out in the hallway if they did it while we were there.  Surprisingly, when they did see us, they didn’t say one word.

Both men plead not guilty, which understandably, they want to waste more taxpayer money even though strong evidence, fingerprints and blood, as well as GPS monitors, place them at the robbery/murder.  They are in jail with no bond, and both came out with smug looks on their faces.  Glancing over at us, smiling, but guess who will be smiling at the end of all this when they are found guilty and spending years behind bars. In fact, when that verdict is read, I will be standing and clapping my hands.

One thing I learned, and I’m sure you didn’t know this either, unless you’re in law enforcement, when a convict is wearing a GPS tracker, they can go wherever the hell they want to go.  Now it depends on the reason they are wearing a tracker and what the judge rules for that tracker, but these little gang member, career criminals were able to roam the entire metro area without 24/7 monitoring.  That’s right.  Here’s another false sense of security for the general public.  We are not safe from these pieces of shits.  The only good thing about the tracker is it places them at the scene of the crime.  However, it didn’t stop them from robbing not only my sister in law’s house, but 7 other houses that night.  It didn’t stop them from having a handgun and shooting my nephew or shooting a 12 year old lab in the face.  It didn’t stop them from stealing a car. Nope.  But it did help the police find these asshats sooner than later, after the damage was done.

The American justice system is a very long and frustrating process.  They tell me it’s because they don’t want to convict anyone who may be innocent.  Seriously? Then how come innocent people have gone to jail? By the looks of these people, none of them were innocent and no amount of jail time or probation time or fines will make them turn a corner or see the light.  No, I actually prefer the justice system of the old West, or China even.  Hang ’em high.  Eye for an eye.  Am I cynical?  You betcha.   If you don’t believe me, try sitting in a court room and watch and listen.  I have no doubt in my mind, you will walk away shaking your head just like I did.  This isn’t poverty at work, it’s a lack of disregard for your fellow man and the unending cycle of always wanting or deserving of a hand out.

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