lucy more splannin

Last summer when I was trying to get visitation rights to my son’s two children, Matthew and Zoey, he took the side of his ex-wife to not allow them to travel out of state.  Since then, my son and I have not spoken and though I have been down to San Diego twice since, he will not allow me to see my grandchildren.  

The last two days my son and I have been bantering back and forth, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it bantering.  He apparently follows this blog and had to comment about my last post about how I would rather be living in Europe compared to a small town.  At the time of that post, I had befriended someone who my husband and I had broken bread with and she betrayed me.  So according to my son, that means my life is miserable and I’m going to die “a grumpy, angry, wretched old woman with nobody to mourn you.”  Do you think he’s angry at me?  Do you think he is bitter? Ha, I’d say so.

He also claims I was never there for him. Really?  I wonder who changed his diapers, who fed him, or taught him how to read?  I wonder.  Surely it wasn’t me.  I wonder who put a roof over his head and clothes on his back or food in his gut when he was growing up?  Surely, not his father who always tried to get away with NOT paying child support, left the state without telling his own son, and then abruptly stopped seeing a little boy who turned out not to be his other son from his second wife.

I wonder when he was allowing his little dick to call all the shots for him, who got him back on track?  I wonder who encouraged him to take college money when he signed up for the Navy rather than the $20,000 incentive?  Hmmmm, now he has a BA and his MA.  But that wasn’t me.

I wonder who it was who purchased his first vehicle for him? or paid for his insurance? or who cosigned for him when he needed a new truck?  Yep, not sure if that was me either.  And when he didn’t make the payments, they came to me for them.  Yep, screwed up my credit but I told them to repossess it.  He was supposed to refinance it through the credit union and never did.  You’re welcome.

When he had children, I wonder who it was that babysat them whenever they needed someone.  Surely, at that time they both weren’t trying to “protect their children” from me.  Or whenever he or they needed money, never did they hesitate to ask for whatever it was they wanted.  Yes, I am the devil.  Yes, it’s all my fault.  (Sigh) feel better?

It is so obvious my son has no clue what writing Creative Non Fiction is because he thinks I’m miserable because of my blog posts!  He thinks I’ve lied, he thinks I’m mental, he thinks I fabricate stories.  He sounds like a snowflake to me.  Can’t handle the truth and so has to turn it around.

He claims “your knowledge of my life is very poor.” Really? I had to laugh when I read that line.  “Every one hates you” and “Your fulfillment comes from making others miserable.”  Yes, my son definitely hates me and you know what, that’s his problem.  That’s something he needs to live with as well as deal with.  I did the best I could and I’m not going to continue to apologize for it.  When I took them to court for visitation it was because they wouldn’t let me see my grandchildren, I didn’t want custody of them.  I wanted to see them, spend quality time with them, but he claims I now have “0% chance of spending any time with them until they are 18.”  Be careful.  It may backfire on you.

I don’t pretend to be anything more than what I am, I do admit my mistakes and I can apologize, God knows, I’ve had to apologize to my two children more than once and yet, they are the only one’s who have “changed since then.”  So, why is that you hold a grudge?  I thought your religion taught you to turn the other cheek, give the benefit of the doubt, forgiveness?  Guess your church doesn’t because anyone who doesn’t believe in what you believe in, is the devil.  Well, guess I will rot in hell while you believe you will go to heaven.

You think your actions are admirable? They’re not.  In fact, hypocrite comes to mind when I think of you.  Religion hasn’t made you a better man, it’s made you a bitter man.  I feel sorry for you.  Someone needs to practice what he preaches.  Oh, and now you finally have something in common with your sister!

Creative Nonfiction

Unlike other nonfiction forms such as traditional “hard” journalism and technical writing, creative nonfiction makes use of literary techniques to convey factual information. Most commonly, creative nonfiction includes the personal essay, memoir, and biography but also encompasses “literary journalism” (travel writing, food writing, and much feature writing), as well as the New Journalism practiced by Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, Joan Didion, and others. The use of literary language results in news stories that are more subjective and, for this reason, they are classified outside traditional journalistic writing. Creative nonfiction is sometimes described as a hybrid of journalism and literature.

Chegg study: 2018


Creative nonfiction is a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives.


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