Merry Christmas, 2018

It’s been two years now I have been writing my blog. Lately, I’ve been so busy I haven’t written in quite some time. 2019 will be different. I will be writing more about different subjects and hope to include a little advertising.

My writing partner and I continue to bang out our serial killer novel, The Purple Lily. I think it’s going on seven years now? We said last year, let’s see if we can get it done by December. Well, that’s not happening. So, I say we push for June, 2019. Grant is having a hard time staying in the shadows now that he’s dating the homicide detective and a young beer slinger up in Oregon. Charlotte continues to write her true crime novel on most of Grant’s victims, and Tonya, Charlotte’s girlfriend, continues to paint and sculpt beautiful African art pieces for her clients. Daniella, the homicide detective with the insatiable sex drive, thinks she is getting closer to solving all the cold cases Grant has left behind. Though she doesn’t really love Grant, she is with him to get to know him and how he operates. I wonder who his next victim will be?

Jumping from serial killer to Women’s Fiction, my Broken Promises novel is still a work in progress. I’m still not sure if I want to write it in 1st person or 3rd. I’ve done two drafts and I still can’t make up my mind. I guess I’ll keep both versions and talk with an editor on which one sounds better. Since this novel’s setting is in Alaska, my husband and I went there this past June. I visited several areas I have included in the novel and I’m so glad I did, it gave me an even clearer picture of the surroundings and will make for a more accurate description for the reader to picture.

After visiting Savannah, GA twice this year, I’m thinking I may want to tackle a historical romance set in the time of the Civil War, before, during and after. Not like a Gone With the Wind, but something that will have a little mystery or even a supernatural feel to it. Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America and I can’t wait to go back and do their haunted tour which will be most helpful while thinking up a plot.

My vision for 2019 is to finally get the publication of The Purple Lily in the works and then work on finishing up Broken Promises and get that over to an editor for publication. It will give me a good excuse to go back to Savannah and learn more about her history and start writing a new novel.

Merry Christmas everyone and my wish for you all next year is to find what makes you happy, and do it! We are only here for a short while and we need to stop wasting our time on sweating the small stuff. Don’t leave here with regrets. Happy New Year and thanks for hanging with me this past year.