I wrote an entire article about our move and because Word Press has a new editor thingy and I didn’t notice it, I was unable to apply tags to my original story.  So, I copied the entire article and now I can’t find it anywhere on WordPress.  Nothing pisses a writer off more than a program that deletes their hard work.  I DON’T LIKE THE BLOCK EDITOR SO STOP TRYING TO PUSH IT ON ME OR I WON’T RENEW MY SUBSCRIPTION IN NOVEMBER AND WILL START SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

Okay, now the rant is over.  Onto trying to remember what I had written.  

  1. Movers
  2. Transport Company
  3.  Sellers of our new home

!.  The Movers.  These guys were recommended by our realtor in CO.  I hired their packers with an estimate of $600-$700 to pack my art work, my lamps and mirrors. They did a wonderful job, however, the estimate was way off.  I ended up paying over $1400 because “they charge by the hour”.  I have no problem with charging by the hour, but their estimator was way off and he walked the house, I showed him everything.   

My chiminia didn’t make it, the top part did, but the bottom was in pieces.  My husband’s tool box was bent as was our freezer door.  I think they just secured it too tightly and didn’t know their own strength.  To bend a Craftsman tool box (both of them) is a pretty hard thing to do.  Our bar didn’t make it either.  But I can’t blame them.  I should blame the furniture company who overcharged us for a bar that they made with 1/3″ plywood.  Someone leaned on it and the damn top broke!  Our glider broke (the arm) too.   I can say with pride not one thing I packed, broke.  Including my fragile wine glasses.  Every one of them made it along with everything else I packed.  Guess my training worked out.

They unloaded the boxes the night before and it’s a good thing they did…it took them 4 hours to unload our boxes and then 12 hours to unload the furniture.  It was hot and humid but they did do a good job.  

2. Transport Company.  Now these guys are scam artists.  They know they have you by the balls.  We scheduled one company 3 weeks prior to our move.  On the day of, they told us if we paid the driver more, they may be able to find us one.  Why quote me a price if the driver is going to demand more?  I was hot.  Scrambled to find another transport company, only to have the driver come up and look at my husband’s motorcycle and tell us he couldn’t take it, it was too big.  It took my husband 2 hours to get it loaded onto the transport, at no charge.  The driver was new at it and you could tell extremely unknowledgeable about how to load vehicles onto his trailer.  We paid the dispatcher $600 and we were to write a check to the driver once he delivered the vehicles.  He was a day late, again due to his inexperience and him bragging how he will drive with little sleep, yeah, that didn’t happen.  Which was fine with us.  When he dropped the vehicles, we gave him a check for $1400.  He called us an hour after leaving and stated we owed him more money.  To which, he heard me in the background telling him to take a basic math class.  We were quoted $2,000 for both vehicles, we paid the dispatcher $600 plus the driver $1,400 equals $2,000.  He said he’d call us back.  Never heard from him again.

3.  Sellers of our new house.  Did a walk through prior to closing, she took the powder room mirror off the wall!!  They took all the shelving off the walls in the garage!  No TP holders, no towel holders, anywhere.  The refrigerator was only 23 cu ft, and to be honest, they may have changed it out from the original one that was there when I looked at the house.  They wouldn’t budge on the price of the house or do any of the inspection work repairs.  I almost cancelled the transaction and found a brand new house which was comparable to their house, only it was brand new., and cheaper in price.  But my realtor talked me out of it.  I was just tired of  dealing with these people.  

It was after we moved in and we started speaking to some of the neighbors found out what their situation had turned into.  Apparently, hubby was the sole bread winner.  She was a writer of parenting books as well as a writer for FOX News.  He was an attorney who was also a law professor.  His job was eliminated when SCAD purchased the school they were in so he was out of work for about 1.5 years.  He found another position in Orlando FL and they decided not to purchase a home but rent one, just in case.  So they were in a little dire straits financially which is why they wouldn’t budge on the price of the house.  Guess they wanted to get out of debt.  And who can blame them.  

We are slowly but surely getting everything done in the house and making it our own.  The garage is still too small for my husband but we have decided to sell a bunch of stuff we really don’t need anymore to make room for the stuff he really wants to keep.  We moved here for a different life style and our health, so we need to let go of some things.  We already got rid of furniture, clothing, and a bunch more stuff.  Feels good to purge.

We are loving our new neighborhood.  I’ve been invited to join the ladies club here in particular the book club.  I’m hoping they have a writers club and if not, I will see if there is a need and may start one up myself.  Meanwhile, I have a book to read, Christine and my new book The Purple Lily still needs editing or the finishing up of the editing, and I still need to finish hanging up my artwork in our new home.  #Savannahliving is becoming a new hashtag for me so if you follow me on facebook, you will see some photos with that hashtag.  

Until next time, enjoy your summer, I know I will be enjoying mine!!


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