I have finally completed my English/Creative Writing degree from Southern New Hampshire University which I started back in 2012.  Anyone going for a BA or BS degree needs to obtain 120 class credits and must take certain classes in order accomplish this.  Back in the 80’s when I first started toying around with getting a degree, I took a journalism workshop which only gave me 2 credits rather than the normal 3 credits for a class.  So now I am short just 4 credits (in electives) to graduate, however, I have to take 2 full elective classes in order to get these credits, meaning I will graduate with an excess of credits, 2 to be exact.  I just find it rather odd that I have to pay and take a full class for one credit!  Wouldn’t it be nice if they just said, here, we’ll let you have it!  But that’s not how it works.

So, as I stated above, back in the early 1980’s, I started attending community college for a journalism degree but while taking some classes, especially the journalism workshop, I decided it wasn’t for me.  I love to write but I don’t like writing journalism.  I do, however, enjoy writing Creative non-fiction, which is sort of like journalism but more personal.  Journalism has become so bias in the last two decades, I just don’t know how anyone can (1) read it and (2) believe it.

I started this blog so I can share some of my writings with you.  I am already a published author of one book, “One in Eight” which is about breast cancer, and several blogs on blogspot.com but didn’t have many followers.  One was a travel blog on my adventures driving cross country from San Diego to Ohio, New York State, Boston, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky and back to San Diego, CA.  I drove a total of 7,000 miles with a few back seat drivers, all dead of course!  It’s amazing the conversations you can hold while driving 300+ miles per day alone.  The music was pretty awesome.  So before you think I’ve lost my mind, I haven’t.  That drive did give me the incentive to write “Red Lipstick just ain’t my thing…”

My other blog was about my business, Clutter Chaos, as  a professional organizer.  That gave me the incentive to write about a client in my story “Hoarder”.  It is a true story.  A year after that incident, he finally hired me to start cleaning out his garage.  The girlfriend did find out about me and she refused to let me throw anything away so poor Mr. Cano had to get a pod and my crew and I just loaded everything from the garage to the pod, where he ended up paying for it all to be stored.  Mind you, nothing was salvageable but she was really losing it the entire time we were there.  The next day, Mr. Cano called me and told me it was just too stressful for her to deal with so he continued to live is squawler and filth.  I heard years later he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and decided to finally kick her skinny butt out of his house.  He then hired another woman to clean out his house.  I’m sure it took her a long time because by then, I’m sure the piles had continued to grow.  From what I’ve heard, his house is clean now and he is rid of her sickness.  He was the client that made me realize I just could not work with hoarders.  My degree is not in psychology and these people need lots of psychological help before they will accept any help.  After that, I stuck with organizing kitchens, normal garages, closets, and started writing the blog to give people tips on how they could organize themselves.

Broken Promises and Never Say Goodbye are all stories I wrote back in the late 1990’s.  No one had ever seen these stories so when I was in my writing workshops, I put them out there for constructive criticisms.  This helped with moving the stories along.  I have posted them here in this blog but they are far from being finished.

Grant Dolan is one of my favorite characters.  He is a rich, handsome architect who has an obsession with an old high school crush.  He’s also a serial killer.  Charlotte is his crush and she happens to write crime thrillers so he follows her career.  The catch is Charlotte is a lesbian and has no interest in Grant or any other man for that matter.  But that doesn’t stop Grant from plotting to kidnap her and show her the errors of her ways.  Christine Hartwell is my co-author on this no name yet story and we have been patiently writing it between class breaks for the last four years.  Some of the stories I have posted about Grant in this blog are short excerpts I tweaked for some of my workshop classes.  He is an interesting character and the more I get to know him, the more sinister and sexy I want to make him.  He has impeccable taste and a thing for ties.  We have approximately 22 chapters written so far but again, this story is far from complete.  We still have to finish it and then go back and edit it, which all takes time.

Sober Love is not featured here on any of the blog posts but it is a story I started writing in 2001 about AA and love relationships.  I spent about 7 years in AA, not because I’m a drunk, but because situations in my life at the time caused me to turn to alcohol to numb the fathom black hole I was feeling in my soul.  Turns out it was because I didn’t really know who I was as a person and AA showed me my real self.  I will be forever grateful for the lessons I learned while attending meetings and helping others.  I went through the twelve steps which was a very humbling experience.  After 7 years though, I realized I really wasn’t an alcoholic so I quit going to meetings.  I’m still here and never drink to excess so my presumptions were correct.  However, during my time in AA, I had two long term relationships, one lasted two years and the other lasted four years, my last year in AA I was single and boy, the stuff I observed while attending mixed meetings, between men and women, was hysterical.   And so this is the stuff I am writing about in my story about Sober Love!

I am so excited to start on this journey.  As a writer, one must be observant; one must ask questions.  I have always been this way.  My friends think I’m noisy or intrusive.  If they are telling me a story, I start asking questions.  They look at me with horror on their faces and say, “I would never ask someone that…” and my reply is always, “Why not?”  How can one write human interest type stories if they don’t know why someone did something or what were they thinking when said situation happened?  This is the beauty of being a writer…remember “Sex in the City”?  Carrie was always asking questions, her girlfriends were always kissing and telling.  It was one of the most popular shows on HBO and today still sells its’ complete series on DVDs.  Inquiring minds want to know…and this is why I write!

Please feel free to leave comments (be nice) on anything I may post here.  Writing is not a solitary venture and we need feedback in order to know if we are getting the message we are striving for out to our audience, which is you.  Thanks for visiting!!

***Lucy lives in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband, Dana, and their four dogs.   Together they have seven children and six grandchildren.  Besides writing, she loves to travel, cook, read, workout, hike, camp, and photograph the beautiful wild animals and scenery Colorado has to offer.***