Don’t judge me until you’ve walked in my shoes!


As most of you who follow me know, we live in a small town in the Rocky Mountains.  It was recently brought to my attention one woman has been spreading some very vicious lies about me and my husband and it has to do with my husband’s son.

Prior to us getting married, his son was 12 going on 13.  He was a late birth for my husband and his late wife and they had many problems with him once he went to school.  In fact, he had been kicked out of every school he attended until they decided to home school him.  His home schooling consisted of the youngest sister spending about an hour on his lessons and then the rest of the day he played video games rated for mature audiences.  The video games consisted of him selecting a weapon to kill people with.  He would spend hours playing these games.

After we moved to Colorado and I got to spend 24/7 with him, I noticed something was off with him.  Years prior he had been diagnosed with ADHD from a Kaiser doctor who spent 20 minutes with him.  However, when we enrolled him in a public school in eighth grade to get him more socialized, he began to act up.  He would constantly make noises in the classroom to disrupt the rest of the students.  He frequently had meltdowns to where no one could calm him down and we would get a phone call to come pick him up.  He started bullying younger and smaller kids than himself which caused other kids to gang up on him.  Of course, we only heard his side of the story and he was never responsible for anything that was going on.  He wanted to be home schooled again and because I was in school myself, I didn’t have time to home school him nor did I want to.

One Saturday he was playing is video game and I sat down to watch what he was doing.  I was appalled at what I saw and I spoke to my husband about it.  I also checked the cover of the video game and saw it was for 18 or over, mature audiences.  I told my husband he wasn’t allowed to play the game anymore and needed to get games that were more age appropriate.  He agreed.  So, when we told my step son he would no longer be able to play this shoot em up game, he became enraged.  We explained he could have it back when he turned 18 and not a day sooner.

It was toward the end of his eighth grade when the principal called us in and told us he believed my husband’s son was autistic and may have some other issues going on.  He suggested we have him tested, which consisted of 3 days driving down to Denver where he met with a team of psychologists who got him to talk as well as do some written tests.  Several weeks later we got his diagnoses of autism, ADHD, and PTSD.  He also had severe emotional problems and was unable to control his anger.  He was put on medication for the ADHD and the voices in his head and has been in therapy once per week for the last 3 years.  We also put him in special ed where he sees a school psychologist and is allowed extra time to do school work and tests.

Back to this woman in town.  We did a remodel prior to finding all this out about my step son and like I said, he was very difficult to deal with (even to this day he is difficult even though he is getting the help he supposedly needs).  He is a stubborn person who insists there is nothing wrong with him.  We’ve had to raise our voice many times with him because he chooses not to listen to us.  So, this woman sold us our tile for our shower and bathroom floors.  One of her husband’s workers was extremely slow and it was getting a little annoying.  It took him a week to lay a tile floor on a very small powder room and when he got up to the master bath, he asked me how I wanted the tile laid.  I told him brick style and he protested telling me it would take him 3 weeks if I wanted it laid like that.  Because I was already displeased with his work, I threw up my hands and said, just do it anyway you want.  After thinking it over, I called my contractor and told him what this guy said to me.  My contractor then called this woman’s husband and asked him to speak with his employee.  Well, this guy said he never told me that and of course, they were going to believe him until I remembered the laborer was in the bathroom while we had this discussion.  My contractor called him and he gave the same story I did.  I then told my contractor I did not want this guy in my house ever again.  I told him to have him pick up his tools and to get someone else to do the job.

When the owner of the tile company called me he said it would take him 3 weeks before he could get to the job now which wasn’t acceptable to me or my husband.  So I asked the contractor if I could find my own tile setter since we already had the material.  He told me I could, so I went onto the business page on Facebook and asked if there was a tile setter looking for work.  Well, this pissed off this woman.  Mind you I never mentioned anyone’s name just said I needed someone ASAP to finish up the work.  I received many names but before I selected a new tile setter, this woman’s husband called me on the phone.  He said he would do the work sooner and would be over in 2 days.  He also complained about me putting it on social media and I told him I never mentioned his name nor his companies name because even though his employee called me a liar I didn’t feel it necessary to crucify his business on social media.

Apparently, one day while this guy was doing the tile job, we had it out with my step son  when he came home from school.  He had been acting up yet again (remember this was before we found out his real diagnosis) and this guy supposedly went home and told his wife how awful we were to my step son.  So this woman is out for revenge now.  We have never agreed on anything on social media and I not only blocked her nasty ass from seeing any of her posts, I removed myself from every community page with the exception of the garage sale site and the uncensored page.  I am unable to see anything she posts and it has been wonderful.

During the recall of the school board process and the election of 3 new school board members, on the neighborhood site, she always clashed with me.  We never wanted the same candidates and she always had something negative to say to me.  I haven’t yet but just found out how to silence her nasty comments on the neighborhood site and will be doing that shortly.  So, this year we are electing a new sheriff. When my husband and I went to his Meet and Greet I noticed her car in the parking lot.  I was astonished we wanted the same candidate for sheriff!  I have to tell you this, I didn’t recognize this bitch when I walked into the room.  When someone else pointed her out, I was shocked!  She had aged so much in the last 3 years and not in a good way!  Oh, and she knew who we were immediately.

We befriended several new neighbors at this meeting and one added us as members to a election site for this guy.  One week later, both my husband and I were removed.  That’s when I found out about the nasty lies she was telling people who don’t even know us (we abuse our step son).  She is admin to this page, hasn’t done a damn thing for this election except sit behind her computer thinking she’s important.  My husband and I, along with several other people, are busting our asses making election signs and she is doing absolutely nothing except causing all kinds of drama.  I ended up sending her a message, if she continues to talk shit about me or my husband, I will be retaining a lawyer and slap her with a civil lawsuit.  I’m done with her shit.  I’ve done nothing to her nor have I ever said anything bad about her, her husband or their companies.  I would never do business with her again and I will never be her friend.

To this day, my step son continues to lie, have meltdowns, curses up a storm, calls us all kinds of obscenities and does whatever the hell he wants and yes, we do discipline him because he needs it.  I refuse to allow him to get away with and to disobey and disrespect us.  We are trying to prepare him for the cruel world he will shortly be entering on his own.  He continually blames me for his uneventful life, for not allowing him to eat sugar (which he does anyway and we know this because sugar causes him to lose control causing meltdowns and anger issues).  He is almost 18 and once he turns 18 and moves out of the house, he can do whatever he wants.  He can eat as much sugar as he wants, he can play his violent video games, he can learn how to drive a car.  While under our roof, he had to abide by our rules.  And until any one has walked in my shoes, I will not be judged for my actions.


American Justice System


Last May my nephew was murdered in a home invasion which was done by the RBC gang in Denver, CO.  Out of the 14 gang members responsible, all have been caught and the majority of them were juveniles at the time of the crime.  One juvenile is in California, where, after killing my nephew, he traveled from Denver to Torrance and proceeded to break into a little old ladies home, beat her and robbed her house.  Her neighbor though saw a strange vehicle parked in front of her home and called the police.  Lucky for her.  This guy is a killer and I can guarantee he would have killed this little old lady before leaving her to identify him.

When the police arrived at her home, they caught one guy who had tried to run away the other one was hiding in the attic of her garage.  If the canine unit had not been called in, I fear he would have gotten away.  The dog found him and notified his handler.  He was quickly arrested.  But because he was only 17, California news was not able to show his face.  That wasn’t the case in Colorado.  His face was plastered all over the news because he was wanted for first degree murder.  A young black male with long dread locks and blue eyes.  Already a career criminal, he is still being held in Los Angeles to face his crimes there, hopefully, he will be charged as an adult and then Colorado will get him to face murder charges here.

As I sat in court today listening to the judge and the taxpayer paid defense attorneys, I was astonished at how little I actually knew about the American justice system.  What a racket!  And we are paying for it.  We are paying for these criminals to use the system to benefit themselves.  Out of all the cases I heard from 830 am until 1130 am, 3 white guys were charged with probation violations, drugs (meth), resisting arrest and the rest of the criminals were black or Mexican, drugs and probation violations for who knows what.  One young Latina girl was in for probation violation.  Apparently, she pissed dirty.  The judge sitting on the bench was extremely kind to all the inmates.  He greeted each one pleasantly and would then proceed to go over their case and why they were once again standing in front of him.

This young girl had been given probation back in April 2017 for drugs.  She was ordered to take drug rehab classes and pay some fines.  She did neither.  In fact, when her probation officer gave her a pee test, she failed it.  Her lawyer continually made excuses for her.  She had had a job at McDonald’s but got fired because she called in sick (ahhh, that doesn’t happen if you call in sick once.) She had been searching for other employment to no avail, according to her attorney and this was the reason she wasn’t able to pay for her fines.  Oh, and she had just found out she was pregnant so the probability of her using drugs during her pregnancy was not going to happen.  (Really?)

The judge was a wise man, which is why he was sitting on the bench.  He spoke to her kindly.  He let her know he had been very lenient with her back in April, he had given her 2 years probation, some fines to pay (total of $500), and required her to take some drug rehab classes.  She violated her probation, hadn’t paid but $60 towards her fines, and she was using drugs again.  He didn’t believe her when she told him if he put her in jail, it would hinder her finding a job and getting her fines paid.  He didn’t buy it.  He started her probation all over again from today (2 years), her fines were $600, and now, since she didn’t seem to be learning her lesson, he gave her 45 days in jail.  The officer came up and cuffed her hands behind her back and took her away as tears rolled down her face.

A shocking revelation was seeing the way some of these girls were dressed like hookers!  They were laughing and joking in the hallways.  One girl was wearing a pair of jeans, if you could call them jeans, the holes were so large there was barely any material on her legs, with thigh high black suede heel boots and a white sweater.  I looked at the victim advocate who was there and said, you know, when I was growing up, I was taught to always look and dress professionally.  She turned to me and said, well, they’re probably going to get to see their man. To which my husband said, well, maybe they are dressed for their profession, prostitution.  I did a piece on poverty once, thinking this was why there were so many Mexican and Black men in prison, but to see how these young girls were dressed today had nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with upbringing.

Another criminal couldn’t speak a lick of English and was from some place in Africa. I have no idea what language he spoke but they had to call someone on the phone to translate what the judge was saying to him and what he was saying to the judge.  When he left the court room, I wanted so badly to run after him calling “Sir? Sir?” to see if he would turn around.  If you can’t speak English and you’re in this country committing crimes no matter what that crime is, you need to leave.  Don’t waste the American taxpayers money on him, send him home.

Two of the dirt bags that took part in robbing and taking my nephew’s life were up for arraignment, which is why we were in court, mostly to support my husband’s sister and husband.  After hearing stories about how the defendants families would show up in the court room in previous hearings taunting my sister in law and husband, we felt we needed to show them support and maybe knock a few teeth out in the hallway if they did it while we were there.  Surprisingly, when they did see us, they didn’t say one word.

Both men plead not guilty, which understandably, they want to waste more taxpayer money even though strong evidence, fingerprints and blood, as well as GPS monitors, place them at the robbery/murder.  They are in jail with no bond, and both came out with smug looks on their faces.  Glancing over at us, smiling, but guess who will be smiling at the end of all this when they are found guilty and spending years behind bars. In fact, when that verdict is read, I will be standing and clapping my hands.

One thing I learned, and I’m sure you didn’t know this either, unless you’re in law enforcement, when a convict is wearing a GPS tracker, they can go wherever the hell they want to go.  Now it depends on the reason they are wearing a tracker and what the judge rules for that tracker, but these little gang member, career criminals were able to roam the entire metro area without 24/7 monitoring.  That’s right.  Here’s another false sense of security for the general public.  We are not safe from these pieces of shits.  The only good thing about the tracker is it places them at the scene of the crime.  However, it didn’t stop them from robbing not only my sister in law’s house, but 7 other houses that night.  It didn’t stop them from having a handgun and shooting my nephew or shooting a 12 year old lab in the face.  It didn’t stop them from stealing a car. Nope.  But it did help the police find these asshats sooner than later, after the damage was done.

The American justice system is a very long and frustrating process.  They tell me it’s because they don’t want to convict anyone who may be innocent.  Seriously? Then how come innocent people have gone to jail? By the looks of these people, none of them were innocent and no amount of jail time or probation time or fines will make them turn a corner or see the light.  No, I actually prefer the justice system of the old West, or China even.  Hang ’em high.  Eye for an eye.  Am I cynical?  You betcha.   If you don’t believe me, try sitting in a court room and watch and listen.  I have no doubt in my mind, you will walk away shaking your head just like I did.  This isn’t poverty at work, it’s a lack of disregard for your fellow man and the unending cycle of always wanting or deserving of a hand out.

Resolutions are for Sissy’s



The reason I say that is because rarely are resolutions kept.  I know, for me, every year in the past, I have made resolutions only to drop them, so this year, rather than make some silly, sissy resolutions, I have decided to adopt a new attitude.  You can be with me or not.  We all need different things in our lives to keep us pumped.  This will keep me pumped and at peace for a long while.  Happy New Year everyone!

I’m walking into 2018 with a clear heart & mind:
If you owe me, don’t worry about it – you’re welcome…
If you wronged me, it’s all good – lesson learned…
If you’re angry with me, no argument – you’ve won…
If we haven’t spoken, it’s cool – I love you & I wish you well…
If you feel I have wronged you, I apologize…it’s never intentional.

Life is too short for all the pent up anger, holding grudges, pride, spite, extra stress, drama & pain that comes along with it!

I’m Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You
I Love You

Peace, Love, & Blessings

False Sense of Security


It was a cold December Friday night, the first to be exact. The moon was as full as it has ever been, at least that’s what it seemed.  The local high school was putting on a concert.  Since there really isn’t much to do in this small town, especially on a Friday night, the kids who were attending were excited to be able to let their hair down and do some dancing.  The concession stands were busy with students purchasing snack foods and drinks.

One of the young organizers of the concert was running a concession stand and forgot something at her home.  She told her fellow workers she’d be right back.  She jumped into her car and headed back home.  Home was on a ranch which sits back from the road.  A smart student who was on the speech team, was in the drama club, preparing for the school Christmas production and along with other school activities, her music was most likely playing loud from the iPod she had plugged into her car stereo.  The only lights available on that dark road leading to her home was the full moon and her headlights.

(Speculating here:) As she approached her house, she noticed a light colored mini van parked in the driveway.  She knew it wasn’t her parents, they were busy running the restaurant they owned in town.  She knew it wasn’t her brother because she had left him at the school listening to the concert.  She knew it wasn’t her sister because she was away at school.  Maybe it was one of the ranch hands?  Without hesitating, she entered her home only to find out it was a stranger robbing their house.  What happened then only God knows.

Her friends thought it odd when she didn’t return to the concert and this is when they became concerned.  When the police were called, they went to her house, to find it ablaze and found her car in the driveway, but no sign of Maggie.  The fire department was able to put out the fire before it spread.  But the police were closed mouth about the whole incident.  They even got a judge to place a gag order on the case.  Did they know who this person was?  Did they not want him to get away?

For a week, the small community was left to wonder, What happened to Maggie?  Maggie, the star student who never had an unkind word to say about anyone.  Maggie, who many would see sitting in the family restaurant on weeknights working on her computer either on homework, a new speech, or studying her lines.  Maggie, who was so popular, everyone loved her.

And then exactly one week later, everyone found out that Maggie’s body had been found in the burned out house.  The house where she had surprised a stranger by coming home.  This stranger who stole weapons and ammo from her parents home, who took a gasoline can and set the place on fire either before or after killing her.  This evil, POS who obviously has no conscious or value for human life, was given an entire week to disappear.  The only descriptions so far: White man, 20’s, flash burns on his arms, driving a light colored mini van 1990s or early 2000’s model, last seen driving north on the 285 (for those that don’t know, he was headed towards Denver).  Gang member?  Who knows.  What we do know is he is armed and dangerous.

When I drive by their ranch gate, it is filling up fast with flowers and balloons.   A candlelight ceremony was held last night at 7:00 pm at Crow Hill Bible church in her honor.  Yes, we live in a very small community but most up here live on an acre or more of property.  Maggie lived on a ranch where they raise cattle and their house is set about a mile off the road.  You really don’t see much suspicious activity up here though we do keep our eyes open to it.  We have a false sense of security.  Bad things happen everywhere.  Evil people are everywhere.  I’m sure Maggie had no idea what was taking place in her home until it was too late.  She was only seventeen, graduating this May and most likely would have been going away to college.  Evil took her future away.

We really need to get over the false sense of security most of us have up here just because we live in a small community.  Don’t leave your purse in the car; lock your doors; lock your garage; get a safe and put all your valuables in it; get an alarm system.  In today’s day and age, living in the country or in the mountains is not what it used to be.

RIP Maggie.  You were loved and will be missed by many.  Let’s bring your prep to justice.


Happy One Year Anniversary!



lucy more splannin

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been one year since I started my blog.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

Some of you may think my writings are controversial.  Good.  Because they are!  My inspiration comes from the many things happening in the world right now.  And as you all know, I’m opinionated.  You don’t have to agree with what I write and honestly, if you don’t, I’m glad.  I love hearing other people’s opinions.  I’m not writing to change your mind, I’m writing to get down what’s on my mind.

This year I published some of my creative writing essays I wrote in college.   I also wrote about the women’s march, the women who are just now coming forward with harassment allegations, the fact my son and ex daughter in law won’t allow my grandchildren to visit me in Colorado, and other life events.

I’ve had several surgeries this past year, I graduated with high honors after trying to obtain my BA degree for almost 40 years, yikes!  But the fact remains, I did it!  I’d love to get a job but living in the Rocky Mountains in the winter is not when I want to be on the road to commute.  So, I’m looking for any type of editing job or freelance writing job I can do in the comfort of my own home.

We went to Italy and found my grandfather’s birth certificate as well as where he was born.  We were there for 15 days and just fell in love with Sorrento.  I really would love to live there for a year, just got to talk the hubby into actually doing it.  Bucket list!

I am still writing the serial killer novel with my writer friend Christine, and since we just decided where we want the story to go, the writing seems to just flow out of us.  Here’s hoping it will be completed early 2018.  I love our killer, Grant Dolan. But seriously, we really need to finish up the story because it seems our ideas are being written up by other writers, but great minds think alike.  Just keep this in mind, we started writing this book back in 2012, so it was our idea first!

We had a new baby granddaughter born last February and have another one on the way, either January or February.  We have just been so blessed this year.

I had my white Jeep painted pink and since I also sell makeup (Younique) I had eyelashes put on the headlights.  Whenever I am out and about in town, I constantly have people wanting to take a picture of my Jeep.

My hubby purchased a Volkswagon Trik which he is totally remodeling.  Once the Spring hits, we will sell our Harley Road King and hopefully, he will have the Trik cherried out so we can take it out for some serious cruising.  I may even try my hand at driving it…we’ll see.

We’ve had some happy times this year and some very sad times this year.  Our nephew was murdered in a home invasion and my sister in law and brother in law are having to deal with the aftermath of that tragedy.  Fourteen gang members were a part of the murder and fortunately, all of them were found and are currently being tried for not only his murder but the home invasion of 7 other houses, one where a dog was shot in the face but survived.  No one should have to go through such a devastating ordeal.

Since we live in a small town, I also write about how politics work up here.  We had a new board election and unfortunately, the candidates we were hoping would be voted in to make the necessary changes needed in order to keep our schools top notch didn’t get voted in.  So, business as usual.  Don’t be surprised when I write a story about the closing of our schools up here due to poor management.  I’ve already written several articles for the local papers and of course, the editor goes over them with a fine tooth comb.  But that’s okay.

So here’s to another eventful year full of life’s surprises.  And please feel free to leave me a comment on anything I may write, whether you agree with it or not.  It helps us writers know we are being “heard.”

I also started a tumblr account, if you would like to follow that as well.  Here is the link:

If you know of anyone who is thinking of writing their memoir or their families memoirs or needs a ghostwriter (I’m not proud), please give them my information.  I’m also getting into editing so if you know a writer who needs their work edited, I’d be happy to help them out for minimal charge.  Thank you so much for following me!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy 2018!!!

Women who don’t speak up!


It seems every morning when I wake up there is a new allegation of some man in power who sexually assaulted, harassed, or told a dirty joke to a woman who was highly offended.  Some of these allegations apparently happened over 30 years ago, some 20, some 10.  My question to these women:  Why didn’t  you speak up sooner?  Why did you wait so long to make public these acts of injustice?  I am highly suspect of women who choose not to stand up for what is right.  Your excuses are lame.  Come on!

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It didn’t surprise me when I learned Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator.  He was a powerful figure in Hollywood and could make or break an actor or actress.  You would think after Anita Hill blew the whistle on Clarence Thomas, these men would have gotten a clue.  The sad thing is, many of these women allowed men like Weinstein to get away with being an abuser rather than call him out on it years ago.

I have to admit, I too, was a victim of several sexual predators disguising themselves as  bosses and co-workers.  I felt like I had to act like a willing participant in order to keep my job.    Continue reading


Imagine you live in a small town.  Imagine your child’s school district is going in the toilet.  Imagine there is an election coming up for three new candidates for the School Board to be voted in by the community.  Imagine the current president of that same school board, who comes across to the community as sweet and innocent is really a back stabbing, paronid bitch.

Imagine this scenario.

Said president of school board is also on another board for a company that hires local community members.  One community member and parent, who attends school sports functions for child, as does said president of the school board, sits with school teachers because they not only know each other but are friends.  Said president is paranoid so thinks parent is talking trash about her to the teachers.  Said president then calls up parents boss and complains about her, trying to get parent fired from her job since she also sits on that companies board.  Parent/employee is now not allowed to sit with  friends at child’s sporting events because the school board president is a back stabbing, paranoid bitch.

Imagine this scenario.

Because of the poor performance of the school district’s board, a recall was enacted and put into place.  The organization leading the recall is meeting at a local community church and paying for that meeting room.  A call is placed into the minister of that community church and he is threatened.  If he continues to rent out a meeting room to the organization, they will be reported to the IRS for getting involved in local politics.  The organization must find another meeting place.  The call was placed from someone on that school district’s board.

Imagine this scenario.

Members of the community signed petitions for the school board members to be recalled.  County clerk, who is against the recall, decides to give the petitions to the school board members so they can call members of the community who signed the petitions, and tell them they were lied to about the school board’s performance.  They are then given a form to fill out to remove their names from the petition.  Most of the people are members of the school board members Christian churches.  Names are removed from the petitions which saved 3 members of the board from being on the recall ballot.  The current president of the board then resigns and the vice president of the board becomes the new president, the back stabbing, paranoid bitch.

Imagine this scenario.

You’re a teacher at the middle school.  Been there for six years.  At the end of last school year, you are asked to resign.  You refuse.  You are then threatened with not having your contract renewed.  We all know what that does to a good teacher’s reputation.  So you resign, under duress.  The reason for the resignation you’re told is to “save money.”  And yet, Colorado is in desperate need of good teachers.  Makes no sense.  The teachers in our school district are running scared.  Fearful of losing their jobs even after many years of service.  High school teachers, majority of them, decided to give it one more year knowing there was an election coming up of new board members.  See, the old board members are bullies.  They feel their power and rather than work along side teachers, they use their power to bully them.  Their hope is that a new board will back them and their needs.  And if the right candidates are voted in, then this will happen.  However, if we stick to the old ways, we will lose many more teachers when the school year ends.

Imagine this scenario.

The Chamber decided to put on a meet and greet of the new candidates running for the open positions on the board.  One of the politically fueled members of the community, who doesn’t attend the meeting, decides to bash some of the candidates by posting on a community outlet that he hopes the community hasn’t fallen for the “fake news” and “lies” that some of the candidates, who “wanted to tear down the school district with the recall and now wants to run the school board.”  This is a man who wasn’t even in town for the meeting and has no idea what was said!  This is what he wrote:  “I’m in California at the moment but I hope nobody bought the fake news of the PACE liars. There were a lot of questionable “facts” and dubious articles. Hard to support those who tried so hard to tear down a school district and now want to try to run it, all to get Rim Watson back in town.”

Sorry to say, this is old news, water under the bridge.  Rim Watson is happy where he is, we are not happy with the current school board who doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to keep or obtain good teachers, keep or obtain new or current students as enrollment is declining more and more each year.  Students here can attend any school district they want in the State of Colorado so many parents are pulling their kids out of this school district and putting them in the better school districts.  Numbers don’t lie, most know the school board that has to depend on dirty politics to try to fool the community.

Imagine this scenario.

Of the six candidates running for the 3 positions, only 3 of the 6 have agenda’s that will save our school district.  The old guy, a former teacher at the elementary school has the support of the person who wrote the above quote.  Seems to me, his agenda is to keep things going the way they have been.  The firefighter is friends of one of the current board member’s husband.  His agenda would be the same.  And the back stabbing, paranoid bitch is running for what she called “re-election” which truth be told, is really not a re-election, since she was never elected to the school board, ever, she was “appointed” without community input.  So, the only viable candidates would be the one’s who are on the watchdog committee, the one’s who are truly concerned about the state of our school district, the one’s who really want to make changes to keep the good teachers, to keep the students or attract new students and who have kept the current board and superintendent on their toes so they can no longer keep pushing important issues under the rug.

Imagine this scenario.

The rug being pulled out from under all the corrupt, back stabbing, dirty politics this town has seen for many, many years.  Yes, it’s time for a change and I, for one, will back that change.